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We're amazed.
When we started FROM, we wanted it to be local. Very local.
We set ourselves very strict criteria for our selection process. Artists from within a certain radius. And products of real quality.

Crocheted toilet-roll covers, in the shape of a poodle, from Rotherham, just weren't going to make the cut (nothing against Rotherham you understand, merely an example). So, our criteria placed real limits on our choice.

But we didn't need to worry. We've seen a wonderful array of talent from the villages and towns round here. Pastels from Postcombe and chutneys from Chalgrove, we've seen it all.

And we've been knocked out.

Now, take a look for yourself...




FROM 16 Cornmarket, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 2BW Tel. 01844 217998

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